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Everyone should have the chance to win something gratis. With Freemo Lotto all you need is 30 seconds a day to check if you’ve won.

Biggest daily prize claimed so far:

R 2080

How does Freemolotto work?

To enter the draw click the "Register To Win" button above and choose your favourite emojis. Then check the site each day to see if you’ve won. When your Emoji Combo matches the one we show on site, you win the prize!

What’s the catch? How is it free to enter?

The prize money is made by advertising revenue on the site, which is in turn made by the traffic of users checking their emojis to see if they’ve won. It works in a similar way to a magazine that generates it’s revenue from printed ads.

I’m just going to get spammed right?

Nope. We never share any data with other sites and only use your email address to send you daily reminders to check if you’ve won. We do send an occasional email update as well.

How are Emoji Combos chosen to win?

We only choose those that our subscribers have already chosen. We do this to increase the chances of someone claiming.

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