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Android or Apple? Which Operating System is Right for You?

The two main operating systems everyone is talking about when it comes to choosing a smartphone are Android and Apple. This guide takes a look specifically at the Android phone, an operating system that is certainly giving Apple a run for their money.

The newest generation of mobile phones feature a brand new operating system, the Android phone.

Developed by Android Inc and Google, the Android operating system is revolutionary in that it allows open source development.

What Makes Android Different?

Other smartphone operating systems that are currently flourishing in the mobile phone market have a very rigid development process when it comes to building applications. Android on the other hand offers a flexible option so that users can create their own applications easily. It is, apparently, easier to create an Android application than, for example, an Apple app for the iPhone.

The applications are available through the Android Market and can be downloaded directly from the handset. Many of these apps are available for free or a very low price.

Android Specifications

As you would expect from a product from Google, the Android phone unsurprisingly comes with a Google operating system, which excels at search and mapping and also includes GPS navigation functions.

Most Android phones have a large multi-touch display screen and can be customised with widgets from the Android Market download site.

The phones themselves can support multiple home screens. Like its rivals, the Android phone supports real-time updates from the web and social networks.

You can also group apps into folders to conserve space, too. In addition to the touch screen supports, four real or virtual buttons typically provide the core navigation control.

There's a home button for returning to the main home screen, a menu button for summoning task options, a back button for backing out of the most recent action, and a search button for performing searches within the phone or the Web. Some Android models also have phone buttons, and a track-pad for scrolling and selecting.

What Can Android Do for Me?

When choosing an Android phone, it’s important to know what exactly Android can do for you. As it happens, the Android phone can do almost anything you want it to.

There are many different apps that come recommended and also include a media player to turn your phone into a fully fledged entertainment machine capable of both audio and video playback. In addition to so many applications, you can also find apps to transform your phone into your daily schedule organiser.


The pace with which the Android operating system has taken off is quite phenomenal and it has certainly made the likes of Apple sit up and take notice. Backed by the behemoth that is Google, Android is certain to only get bigger and, no doubt, better.

Hopefully this guide will offer consumers an introduction and some helpful advice and tips on what to look for from an Android phone. It is always worth looking around and asking various network providers to decide on the best type of Android phone – and the best Android deals - for you.

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