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Business or Pleasure? How to Choose the Right Smartphone

There are so many phones on the market at the moment, making a choice between suitable models for business or pleasure can be quite difficult. While the touch screen models are fun for texting, taking photographs and accessing Facebook, phones with keypads are often easier to write emails with and are sturdier to carry around everywhere.

Some manufacturers have noticed the conundrum many consumers face and have even started designing phones that have both a touch screen and a keypad, to meet both these demands in one phone.

Take a look at these key functions most modern mobile phones offer, to help you identify the features that are most important to you on a day to day basis.


Nowadays, having an email function on your phone is the most defining feature of Smartphones. Mobile email used to matter only to businesses, but it’s now a must-have for consumers as well.

Phone email gives consumers access to both corporate and personal email, including Windows Live Mail, Gmail and Yahoo. Android phones integrate with Gmail services in real-time, so any changes you make to your Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contact items are synchronised with the Google cloud.

As a result, you have up-to-date information on both your mobile and desktop. Google provides a similar functionally for Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android devices through the free Google Sync service.

Out of the list of Smartphones, Blackberry devices offer the most compelling choice of email connectivity options, including access to personal and web-based email accounts. Windows Mobile phones use Active synchronicity which allows Windows Live apps to provide access to your personal Windows Live Email, galleries, blogs and other internet connections.

Multimedia Smartphones

The main thing Smartphones focuses on are the media capabilities, this is more so the case with models that have a high storage ability. Every mobile operating system comes preloaded with a media player. Windows Phones have a slightly clunky media player that works well enough.

If you like your music but do not want too many gadgets in your pocket, that you cannot go wrong with the Walkman branded Sony Ericsson or the popular iPhone.

The iPhone is the best and has mobile iTunes that allows you browse, preview and purchase songs, movies, TV shows and podcasts directly on the device, mostly over the mobile network just as you would for you iPod or MP3 player.

Elsewhere in the mobile phone market, Android and Palm-pre mobile phones focus more online media, coupling their basic music player with an integrated Amazon MP3 client. Most phones will allow you to access to YouTube as well, either through a separate YouTube app or via the mobile YouTube site.

Many phones on the market have third-party apps that stream radio and music. Also, it is advisable to check the mobile phones content sharing features that are critical if you plan to share your stuff on social networks like Facebook or via MMS. You may also want Bluetooth file transfer so you can wirelessly stream songs, images, contacts, video and other items to nearby phones.


The above guide gives you top tips on how to choose your ideal mobile phone and what specific phones may suit your needs. Only you can make the right decision when it comes to choosing a phone for business or personal use – combining them both is often difficult to achieve. Think about what you use your phone for most and how you use it to help you decide what phone is right for you.

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